Blockchain Development Process

Blockchain App Development

The blockchain development process adopts industry-best strategies, cutting-edge technologies, and innovative protocols.

  • Review Project Scope

    Review Project Scope

    Our consultants first analyze your blockchain project requirements, assess the market, allocate appropriate resources, devise a development model, and so forth.

  • Framework Selection

    Framework Selection

    Following that, we select the suitable blockchain network (Hyperledger or Ethereum), determine its type (Public or Private), technological frameworks, and so on.

  • Infrastructure Establishment

    Infrastructure Establishment

    Blockchain key components such as UI, admin and dashboard features, smart contracts, tokens, dApps, storage systems, security protocols, etc., are either developed or integrated.

  • Feature Integration

    Feature Integration

    Cutting-edge features and functionalities are incorporated into the network, aligning seamlessly with the blockchain project requirements to ensure reliability and ease of use.

  • QA & Smart Contract Review

    QA & Smart Contract Review

    Following that, the blockchain network undergoes scrutiny, and Smart contract auditing is conducted to eliminate vulnerabilities and bugs, ensuring its error-free operation.

  • Post-Launch Support

    Post-Launch Support

    The deployed blockchain platform undergoes updates with advanced features according to maintenance requests from the client.