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A Brief Introduction to Blockchain Technology & Its History

A Brief Introduction to Blockchain Technology & Its History
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    February 24, 2023 Last Updated: September 4, 2023


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Blockchain technology has been the talk of the town for the past few years and this innovation has been disrupting the market and industry. The introduction of this technology is indeed one of the biggest achievements of mankind. We all know the prominence of this technology, but do we know the keen and detailed insights of this technology and how it came into existence? Well, blockchain app development is the first choice of every smart and wise entrepreneur these days.

Well, knowing the complete history and having a brief introduction to blockchain technology is a very important thing to be done. Thereby, we will unfold all the aspects related to blockchain one after the other. When we understand blockchain technology’s prominence precisely then understanding the importance of blockchain app development will also be apparent to you.

Keep reading with a bird’s eye view and explore every detail with much scrutiny.

What is Blockchain Technology?

Blockchain technology is basically a growing list of records or blocks that are linked with each other via cryptographic hashes. The main USP of this technology is its encrypted nature, which means that the tampering of the data or any fraudulent activity cannot take place in any case. The risk of hacks is never a concern under blockchain technology. Every block possesses or contains a cryptographic hash of the previous block, the transactional data, and the timestamp as well.

The role of timestamps is prominent as well, as the timestamps vividly portray the data of transactions where the block was created. So, evidently, all the blocks contain a set of information related to the previous block which further forms a chain along with the additional blocks linked with the previous ones. Simultaneously, the transactions taking place under the blockchain are irreversible and if data is recorded at once then be it any block the data cannot be altered without altering all the blocks.

Furthermore, blockchain technology is proficient in recording the details and data of the transactions taking place in a digital ledger that is distributed over the network and hence makes it impossible to corrupt. On top of that, there are varied transactions that can be recorded under the blockchain network, be it Land Assets, Cars, and whatnot.

When Was This Technology First Recognized & How Did It Come into Existence?

History of blockchain

Now that we know what blockchain technology is, we must also have an idea about its existence. So to understand the birth of blockchain technology we need to go back to the year 1991 when for the first time a cryptographically secured chain of blocks was vividly described by Stuart Haber and W Scott Stornetta. After that, there was quite a silence regarding this topic until by 1998 a computer scientist named Nick Szabo worked on ‘bit gold’, which was decentralized digital currency.

Understanding the concept of digital currency and decentralization was not a matter of fa ew discussions, rather it took an abundance of time. So by the year 2000, the understanding of this concept grew deeper and Stefam Konst published his theory of Cryptographic secured chains along with the ideas of its implementation. After the publishing of this theory, it took 8 years for this niche to grow further. Hence by 2008, the developers who were working under the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto, finally released the first white paper which included the establishment model for a blockchain.

After the release of the white paper, this technology got a start and within a year, i.eIn 2009, Nakamoto implemented the first blockchain as the public ledger for transactions and it was made using bitcoin. And it is when the word of Blockchain technology started spreading its fragrance in the digital world. Simultaneously by the year 2014, the blockchain app development came into existence as the Blockchain technology got separated from the currency and its potential for other financial, inter-organizational transactions was explored. We can also say that this was the time when Blockchain 2.0 was born, which referred to applications beyond the currency.
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How Does Blockchain Technology Work?

Blockchain technology is like a multipurpose medicine that will help your business shine and grow by 10x. This technology can be integrated into varied businesses and be used as a boon bringing encryption and security. Blockchain technology has various uses, but one of the most famous ones is bitcoin. Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency that is used to exchange digital assets online. The role of blockchain technology in the bitcoin transaction is that here there is the use of cryptographic proof instead of third-party trust in order to place digital transactions. On top of that, there is a digital signature that protects each and every transaction.


Blockchain app development

Distributed Database: 

Security is the top-most perk of blockchain technology and there is no central server where the data of the blockchain is kept. The data of the blockchain is distributed over almost a million computers all over the world that are connected to the blockchain. This system adds to the Notarization of Data as it is available and present on every single node and is publicly verifiable.


Distributed ledger blockchain

Network of Nodes:

A node is basically a computer that is connected to the blockchain network. With the help of the client, the node gets connected to the blockchain. The role of clients here is the validation and propagation of transactions into the blockchain. Whenever a computer is connected to a blockchain, a copy of blockchain data automatically gets downloaded to the computer and the node gets into the sync of the latest block of data over the blockchain. Furthermore, the nodes that are connected to the blockchain helping in the execution of transactions in return for incentives are termed miners.


Nodes in blockchain app development

How Is Blockchain Better Than the Traditional Banking System?

The plans for the future are always better than what we are currently experiencing and a similar case scenario is with the traditional banking system and blockchain technology. Decentralized finance is a treasure box of those securities and perks that are normally not available in the traditional banking system.

Normally the traditional banking system takes a lot of time in processing transactions, while when it comes to blockchain tech, it is a matter of minutes. Also, the inclusion of third parties leads to a lot of hodge-podge and chaos at times, and when it comes to blockchain the role of a third party is not even present, hence there is no scope for delay and chaos. On top of that, the organizations conducting the validation charge a very high cost which further makes the entire process expensive, and there is no such scenario when it comes to blockchain technology.

Blockchain app development is indeed a masterstroke considering the expectations and demands of this modern era. Blockchain technology is evidently better because it is highly secured, distributed, transparent, consensus-based, and flexible.

What are the benefits of blockchain technology?

As we just explored that blockchain technology is better than the traditional banking system, similarly, there are umpteen perks of this technology. Let us now explore all those perks one after the other.

Benefits of blockchain app development

1Highly Time-Saving

The process of blockchain transactions is highly time-saving as there is no involvement of the higher authorities. Normally, the central authority settlements take a lot of time in the transactional process and here the blockchain tech makes it much easier for you.

2Efficiently Cost-Saving

There is a special perk of blockchain tech that reduces costs. Basically, there is no requirement for third-party verification and the users can share assets directly, hence the need for intermediaries is also reduced. On top of that, the efforts linked up with the transaction are reduced as every participant here owns a copy of the shared ledger.

3Top-Notch Security

The data stored in the blockchain is completely free from the risks of tampering, hacks, and fishing, and the data is distributed amongst millions of participants. Also, the system can be adeptly considered safe and sound from every fraud and cybercrime.

4Accelerated Collaboration

Blockchain technology allows every party to have interactions in a direct manner without the involvement of any third party. Hence, the trust and mode of communication are reliable, convenient, and trustworthy as well.

5Adept Reliability

Blockchain technology adeptly verifies and certifies the identities of the interested parties altogether. This special feature eliminates the risk of double records as well as reducing rates and accelerating transactions by 10x.


Now that we have a vivid overview of blockchain technology, its precise introduction, and its history. It is pretty apparent that the time blockchain took to come into existence and the functionalities it imbibes in itself make it highly prominent. So if you are an entrepreneur who has the zeal to disrupt the digital world with your business insights. Blockchain app development is something you need to go for. And for that Blockunix is the best blockchain app development company where you will find complete guidance and the best quality output.Blockchain app development
Wait no more! Dive deep into the perks of blockchain technology now.

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